What happens to all those rewards points during a divorce?

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There are many considerations on the table when a couple decides that parting ways is the only solution to a difficult situation. Apart from the more pressing issues facing Arizona couples who make the decision to divorce — such as child custody, child support and spousal support — are the division of assets. Included in those assets might be rewards racked up by using points cards. What should become of them?

For instance, couples who have amassed mega airline points while married may wonder what will become of them. According to experts, they’re handled just like any other asset. Arizona is a community property state, so the court will split any points equally between a couple unless some other agreement exists between them. But splitting points down the middle may come with added fees.

A couple could decide to assign a value to the points and have one person buy out the other person’s share. There may be different ways of dealing with the issue. In any case, it is best if a couple is able to iron out what happens with bonus points or a judge will decide for them, and a judge has the discretion to award an unequal division of assets if to divide them equally would be unfair.

If a couple is sitting on thousands of rewards points and heading for divorce, each person will likely benefit by seeking independent legal advice. An Arizona family law attorney can make recommendations on issues such as the division of assets, including rewards points. Certain conditions may change 50-50 distribution, so getting an attorney’s guidance might be a wise move.