Parenting Time

Every Parent Wants Access To Their Child

Parenting Time (also called access, contact, residential time, or visitation) is a legal agreement by the divorcing couple, or unmarried co-parents, describing how the child will spend time with each parent respectively. Arizona courts want to see both parents taking a significant role in the child’s life whenever possible. But this goal of reasonable Parenting Time must meet the best interests of the child.

If the custodial parent can show that the child will be endangered or neglected by being with the noncustodial parent, it will be taken into consideration, perhaps leading to a status of supervised parenting time, where a third party will be present when the child is with the parent. This can occur when the noncustodial parent is known to abuse drugs or alcohol, to have committed or threatened to commit physical abuse to a family member or to be incapable of caring properly for the child.

We’ll Help You Maximize Your Time With Your Child

RPM Law can assist you if you are a noncustodial parent wishing to maximize your time with your child, or a custodial parent wishing to minimize the time your child spends with the noncustodial parent when the facts support such an outcome.

Our attorneys are also available to assist with matters such as relocation and Grandparents’ (Third-Party) rights to child visitation. If either parent fails to obey an existing court order, or if conditions have significantly changed, we can assist you in making formal modifications to existing court orders. We also represent parents in the enforcement of existing arrangements.

Our firm is proud to help all types of parents and families, including military families and same-sex couples, resolve custody and Parenting Time matters.

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