Child Support

How Is Child Support Determined In Arizona?

A common misunderstanding in divorce is that child support levels are decided by a simple formula, so there is little to discuss.

It’s true that Arizona family courts follow guidelines to determine the amount of child support to be paid. These guidelines seek to understand how much the parents would have spent on the child, had they not divorced, or if they were residing together to raise the child. When that figure is established, the court can calculate each parent’s proper share.

Below are various factors courts will consider:

  • Each parent’s monthly gross income
  • The number of children in the marriage
  • The number of children outside the marriage
  • Childcare costs
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • Days of respective Parenting Time
  • Private school costs
  • Additional educational expenses such as hiring a tutor
  • Special needs expenses or extraordinary costs

Support From An Experienced Attorney Is Crucial

Child Support is determined through consideration of a number of factors and is not just the result of simple calculations. Depending on your objectives and the facts of your case, an experienced attorney can make all the difference – a difference of significant financial impact.

Skilled Assistance With Your Specific Child Support

At RPM Law, we have significant experience helping families with a variety of Family Law matters, including Child Support. Each of our attorneys possesses unique, diverse backgrounds, and brings their skill set to work as a team in support of your matter.

Child Support Modification

Our lawyers also assist with enforcement of Child Support orders as well as modifications to existing Orders or agreements, including the termination of support in the event a child emancipates (turns 18 and is out of High School, or turns 19).

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