Military Family Law

Legal Representation From Former Service Members

Legally and practically speaking, military families live in a different world than those families who aren’t affiliated with military service. When matters boil over in military families, you need a lawyer with experience in the ways the military works who understands the subtleties of how divorce or legal conflict can impact your professional career. Civilians aren’t subject to the UCMJ. They don’t have branch-specific instructions and guidance on how to conduct themselves during divorce proceedings and their jobs usually don’t require Family Care Plans.

For the most part, civilians don’t have to worry about the interplay between security clearance and job role/mission. When a military member or their spouse is seeking to dissolve a marriage, or a military parent is in a dispute over their kids, the world needs to be viewed through a very different lens.

A Thorough Understanding Of Issues Affecting Military Personnel And Their Families

At RPM Law, our mission priority is to work with service members and their spouses to resolve:

  • Military divorce: Our lawyers guide both service members and their spouses through military divorce or dissolution, including thorny issues involving division of retirement accounts and military benefits, and the special challenges facing members of the military and their families.
  • Military family support: Being a responsible parent can become a serious issue while deployed abroad. Our firm works with service members and spouses to make arrangements to keep the house in order so the focus can stay on the mission.
  • Military child custody: Known as Parenting Time and Legal Decision-Making to Arizonans, this responsibility is still called child custody in the armed forces. Our attorneys work with military families and spouses to craft custody agreements that make sense, and to obtain or modify custody orders when disputes arise.
  • Military child visitation: Arriving at Parenting Time agreements when one parent is called overseas is a problem that requires thoughtful deliberation. We also assist with Grandparents’ rights to ensure access to their grandchildren during such times.
  • Domestic Violence in military homes: This is a multi-pronged matter involving aspects of Family Law, criminal defense, command policies and the UCMJ. If not handled properly, a single DV incident has the potential to destroy a service member’s career.
Military Family Lawyer

Unfortunately, Family Law legal issues can linger; we also represent veterans and former spouses in Family Law disputes long after they’ve left the service.


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