Strategies to minimize the impact of divorce on your job

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Professional people take pride in the work they do. When something happens that impacts life circumstances, it could affect job performance, but there are some things Arizona residents who are going through such things — like a divorce — can do to minimize its effects. The divorce process can take up a lot of time, so it is vital those going through it have a handle on the tasks they need to complete.

Experts suggest having a support network outside the office setting may help to keep emotions in check in the workplace. Keeping divorce details personal when in a professional setting is also another good piece of advice. Court appearances will obviously detract from time spent in the office, so it’s crucial to make a concerted effort to work with a soon-to-be former spouse to iron out the details of the divorce.

If time is set aside each day to devote to details pertaining to the divorce, it may have less of an impact on work performance. Those tasks can be replying to emails, answering lawyer’s questions or making phone calls. It’s also wise not to use a work email address for any personal correspondence. An attorney also needs to know about the times when his or her client is not available — such as meetings, or must-attend work events.

Divorce can be distracting, but it doesn’t have to impact job performance. Arizona residents who are in the throes of a divorce can help matters greatly by keeping their lawyers apprised of times when they are and aren’t available. It also helps to work with an attorney to keep matters from moving into litigation.