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Ending a marriage is complicated, stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Besides the potential to break you financially and emotionally, a divorce entails making important life decisions, including property division, child custody and support, and spousal support. Negotiating these issues can be acrimonious and overwhelming for everyone involved, including your children.

However, not all divorces involve high conflict, confrontations, and court drama, as some couples decide to have a less confrontational process. Essentially, the couple opts for an out-of-court agreement or what is commonly known as an uncontested divorce. This is where a couple agrees on the divorce and all the major issues without battling it out in court.

While uncontested divorces are generally quiet and dignified, some issues may still arise, hence the need to seek the help of a skilled and experienced uncontested divorce attorney. If you are in Tucson, Arizona, contact our divorce lawyers at RPM Law. With our skills and experience in Arizona divorce and family law, we will help you navigate the uncontested divorce process.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

A divorce is either a contested or uncontested divorce. Most divorces are contested as couples fails to agree on the divorce and related issues, including child support and custody, property division, and spousal support or alimony. Typically, the couple has to resolve the issues through a court process that is usually complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

Accordingly, some couples decide to simplify their divorce and avoid the lengthy and often high conflict process by resolving their issues amicably and out-of-court. Unlike a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce is where neither you nor your spouse is disputing the divorce and its related terms. Essentially, both of you agree to end the marriage on your terms without the need to go to court.

Besides being relatively inexpensive, simple, and a time-saver, an uncontested divorce allows you to end your marriage privately and with dignity. It helps avoid unnecessary confrontations and destructive court drama, especially where there are children. However, everyone’s situation is different, and divorce is hard on most people, including an uncontested divorce. Accordingly, the divorcing couple should agree to be mature and accepting of their marital circumstances to avoid future issues.

Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Arizona

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, you need to meet some requirements when filing for divorce in Arizona. First, you must file for divorce in the county where you or your spouse lives. Additionally, you or your spouse must have lived in Arizona for at least three months before filing for divorce.

Similar to a contested divorce, you need to file a divorce petition with the court and serve your partner with the divorce paperwork. If your partner agrees with the divorce and related terms, you can proceed with the process as an uncontested divorce. Consequently, you and your spouse need to make a concrete plan to divide property, handle child custody and support, and spousal support.

However, agreeing on these hot issues is not always easy hence the need to have a mediator, including a divorce lawyer. An attorney will guide you through complicated legal concepts while ensuring the process is faster, and the divorce terms are fair to all the parties involved. After a successful out-of-court settlement, you need to present the agreed divorce terms to a judge, who in turn issues a divorce decree.

Divorce Lawyers in Tucson

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It is not mandatory to have a divorce lawyer, especially where the divorce is uncontested. However, having one is critical as they can make the process simple, faster, and less stressful by handling legal details on your behalf, including submitting required divorce paperwork. Additionally, they advise you on critical legal issues, including legal procedures. At RPM Law, our well-qualified and skilled Tucson uncontested divorce lawyers will walk with you every step of your divorce process while helping you get the divorce outcome you want. If need be, we will represent you in court and fight for your rights. Contact our offices for a consultation and to learn more about our services.

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