Advanced technology can help avoid divorce stress

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When Arizona married couples decide to sever their ties, those who have children together often encounter challenges regarding future co-parenting plans. Divorce can be stressful enough as it is without worrying about all the potential problems that might arise as two former spouses try to peacefully work together to raise children from separate households. The good news is that many people say that taking advantage of advanced technology has helped them keep stress to a minimum in their post-divorce parenting lives.

There are numerous applications that parents can install on their cellphones or personal computers to help smooth out wrinkles in their co-parenting plans. For instance, there are digital calendar apps where parents can list information about all their children’s activities, such as sporting events, dentist appointments, or social gatherings like sleepovers. Many parents say this helps them avoid confusion and also allows them to organize their transportation plans in writing.

Some former spouses run into trouble regarding one parent not showing up on time (or at all) to exchange custody or similar problems. There are reportedly apps that allow parents to log their custody exchanges with timestamps, so there is no doubt where or when a pick-up or drop-off did or did not take place. This type of app might be especially helpful when the relationship between co-parents is less than amicable.

Parents who pay child support can often do so online nowadays. Through such systems, parents can automatically track expenses, receipts, and how much has been paid or is owed in child support. While there are often fees to use such sites, many parents say it is well worth it to be able to keep track of child support issues in such a simple, organized, and thorough way.

Arizona parents can also use electronic apps to show photos of their children or to correspond regarding custody or other divorce issues. The latter may be a wise choice if co-parents tend to argue when they meet in person. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and support for any particular legal challenge that arises.