Divorce and the age of social media

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Social media has become a ubiquitous part of modern society. Certainly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular online communities can make communication with friends and family easy and fun, but for persons going through a stressful situation, such as divorce, social media may create stress and feelings of failure. If an Arizona resident is considering divorce, he or she may want to think about how to handle social media during the process. 

Things people post on social media are often saved and shared, and once something is posted, there might not be anything that can be done to erase it forever. Many users have had social media accounts for many years, and since weddings are generally happy events to celebrate, it is not uncommon for people to have albums full of pictures or posts featuring a spouse or special song or memory. When a couple decides to end a marriage, announcing the split on social media may feel like admitting some sort of failure. 

A person may struggle to decide if photos and posts related to the marriage should be deleted. While some people may see such an action as cathartic, others do not wish to digitally erase a large chapter of their adult lives. Each person is different, and so is every divorce. Many people choose to seek some form of therapy or counseling to help them deal with emotional decisions during a divorce. 

Emotional decisions are merely one aspect of a divorce. At its core, divorce is a legal process. Much like a therapist or trusted friend can assist with emotional turmoil, a compassionate attorney can lend a hand with the legal side of things. If an Arizona resident is facing divorce, contacting an attorney can be a good way to familiarize one’s self with the legal process and learn what to expect during divorce proceedings.