Navigating divorce in the age of social media

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Social media is an easy, popular way to stay in touch with others, meet new people, post pictures, and much more. For many people, Facebook and other platforms are an important part of their social lives, which can add an extra layer of complication during a divorce. For people who have significant portions of their lives online, it can be emotionally and technically challenging to divorce on social media as well.

For some people, divorce in real life means unfriending people, taking down photos, and taking other steps to extricate the online lives of the two partners. This can be emotionally difficult during an already complex legal and financial process. This is especially true for Arizona millennials going through a divorce.

Millennials have changed many things about divorce, including how it impacts social media use. The divorce rate is lower for this demographic, and there are many reasons for this. Many choose to wait until later in life to marry, while other millennial couples are more likely to employ the use of prenuptial agreements before walking down the aisle. When they do divorce, they are more likely to be digitally organized with easy access to important documents because millennials do much more online.

Some have said that millennials have killed divorce, and while that not may be completely true, they have done many things to change it. Social media decoupling is just one aspect of modern divorce that did not necessarily apply in the past. No matter the circumstances of the divorce, an Arizona reader will find it beneficial to discuss his or her family law choices with an experienced attorney.