Data shows stable military divorce rate

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In 2019, married people from Arizona who were in the military appeared to be no more or less likely to get a divorce than their counterparts in the past few years. The Pentagon has new data indicating that the divorce rate among military couples remained stable in 2019. From 2014 to 2019, the rate has been around 3%.

Numbers vary among groups

This percentage is reached by comparing how many service members are married at the start of the fiscal year to how many are divorced at the end. Women service members are more likely to divorce. In the Marine Corps, their divorce rate is at around 7% compared to 2.5% for men. Overall, along with the Air Force, the Marine Corps has the highest divorce rate while the lowest is in the Navy. The Coast Guard was not included in the data. Enlisted service members also have a higher divorce rate than officers, at 3.5% compared to 1.7%.

What the trends say

According to one researcher into military divorce trends, the numbers could indicate that new programs introduced over the past 15 years to support military families have not had a significant impact on families. A different method is used to track the overall divorce rate throughout the country, so it cannot be compared to the military rate, but in 2018, it was 2.9% per 1000 people.

A military divorce may differ in significant ways from a civilian divorce, so if you are in the military and you are seeking a divorce, you might want to consult an attorney who has a background in the area. In addition to coordinating with any specific military regulations, there may be additional considerations regarding pensions and other benefits. If you and your spouse are parents and could be deployed, this may play a part in custody proceedings.