Family law: Helping kids transition between 2 households

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Children who have divorced parents could face a number of issues. Luckily, there are family law tools in place in Arizona to help parents navigate the rough spots which could include helping their children to adjust to life going back and forth from two households. Co-parents face many challenges, but one major challenge is children transitioning from one parenting style to another.

Experts say there are things parents can do to make it better for their children and for themselves as well. Parents often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how their children will react during transitions. Shifting those expectations might help. Also, parents also have to focus on their own needs, so they can better manage their children’s behaviors regarding going from one home to another.

Talking to children about these transition times can also help them and their parents. If rituals are developed for transition times children know what to expect — do something particular with children before they leave and after they come back. It is also important to connect with children while they’re at the other parent’s home either through phone calls or video chats.

An Arizona family law attorney may be able to help a client with issues that affect children such as co-parenting. A lawyer always has the best interests of children at heart and may be able to provide a client with advice and guidance when it comes to developing a positive co-parenting plan. A family lawyer often knows many ways to resolve problems and conflicts.