Family law attorneys help reach New Year’s goals

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Husband and wife smiling at each other while the children pose with them in front of a beautiful holiday setting. This is often what the Arizona resident sees when he or she checks social media or opens the mail during the holiday season. Then, to add fuel to the fire, visits with friends and family make one believe that all is well in each of these relationships and struggles are few and far between. These are just a few of the reasons that family law attorneys often see a spike in new divorce cases as the new year begins.

As one looks at social media posts, it is easy to believe that everyone else is in love and happy. But, to be honest, that is what most people want others to believe. It is rare for a friend or family member to post a picture that shows his or her family’s reality – the one that includes heated discussions related to finances or infidelity. The simple fact is that even those posting wonderful family pictures are most likely facing their own struggles.

Another reason that Arizona residents often wait until the new year to start divorce proceedings is that they do not want the holidays to be affected by the divorce. They want the children to be able to enjoy their holiday and not associate it with the break-up of their family. By waiting just a little bit longer, the individual can allow this enjoyment to occur and also buy some time to organize his or her thoughts and decisions.

For some Arizona residents, divorce is one of their New Year’s resolutions. The longing for something better than what one has is often fueled by viewing “happy family” photos and wanting to do what is best for the children. When it is time to act upon these longings for a better life it may be time to contact an experienced family law attorney.