Family law: Calculating child support in Arizona

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When parents make the decision to divorce, the first priority should be ensuring how they navigate the process in the best interests of their children. Family law in Arizona speaks to issues that affect children of divorce, such as child support. The state has a child support calculator in place that is based on child support guidelines that became effective on April 1, 2018. Revisions to child support guidelines came into effect on Jan. 24, 2018.

There are three different calculators — versions 2015, 2017, and 2018-2020. The calculator chosen to ascertain support payments depends upon individual situations and is something with which a lawyer may be able to help. After the calculator is chosen, some information will have to be entered, such as children’s names and their dates of birth; gross income of both parents; spousal support received by either parent; court-ordered child support for children from other relationships; medical, dental and vision insurance costs for children; any extra expenses for education that has been paid, etc.

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) in Arizona can provide help regarding child support issues. The DCSS can assist in circumstances such as locating absent parents, establishing the paternity of children, enforcing an existing child support order, and establishing child support. They may also be able to assist when court order payments aren’t forthcoming.

There are many variables pertaining to child support in Arizona. The best answers regarding legal questions are likely to come from an attorney experienced in family law in the state. A lawyer may be able to help a client who is a payor of support or those who are payees.