Tips to prepare for an Arizona divorce

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If you’ve made the decision to file for a divorce in Arizona, or if your spouse has taken this step, there are some tips to bear in mind to prepare for a divorce. By following these suggestions, you place yourself in the best possible position to move effectively through the proceedings.

Make a complete, comprehensive list of property and debts

As part of preparing to file for divorce or preparing to respond to a divorce case filed against you, make a thorough list of your assets and debts. Be advised that one of the first steps you will need to take in divorce court is to file a full and complete list of your assets and debts with the court. This disclosure of property and obligations is filed with the divorce court under penalty of perjury, so you must be absolutely certain that it is as accurate as possible.

Establish checking and savings accounts in your own name

If you currently do not have a checking or savings account in your own name, it’s time to establish these types of accounts. As part of preparing for divorce, you need to open your own account that’s free and clear of your spouse.

Open a credit card in your name

On a related note, you will also want to open a credit card account in your own name. If you are like many married couples, you might have a credit card account or multiple credit card accounts that you share with your spouse. A credit card that’s exclusively yours allows you to build credit in your own name and lets you close joint accounts as quickly as possible.

In preparing to file for or respond to a divorce filed against you, proactive preparation is key. As part of that process, you may also want to undertake due diligence in regard to hiring an experienced divorce lawyer.