Child custody results are changing

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Arizona recently received some positive publicity, and residents will be pleased to know the news may make family situations easier. Going to court to dispute child custody can be a trying experience for all involved, but the state has recently taken measures to improve the process. Over a third of U.S. states did not fare well in the research that determined the results, but Arizona ranked near the top.

Arizona has taken measures to assure that, when possible and appropriate, equal access to children is given to both parents. Experts say this greatly reduces the stress that can accompany child custody proceedings. The state feels a parent that has not been deemed a threat or unstable should not have to fight to see his or her child.

Arizona put laws into place, making shared custody the norm several years ago. Now, these laws are being used to prove that this method works. A divorce or other situation in which two parents must learn to raise a child in separate households is already stressful, and a messy custody battle can compound the matter.

If an Arizona parent needs to establish, modify or enforce a child custody order, he or she may do well to contact an attorney that is familiar with the state’s current laws. An attorney can help a client make quick work of the process so that children have the opportunity to settle into a new routine as soon as possible. Even if there is no bad blood between two parents, having an attorney to help can ensure that a child winds up with the best possible outcome, and parents can go forward with a working co-parenting relationship.