A parent’s poor choices result in loss of child custody

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Arizona parents typically do everything in their power to make certain their children are raised in a supportive and loving environment. Nevertheless, parents are human beings, and human beings are occasionally prone to make poor choices. Sometimes the actions of a parent can directly lead to a loss of child custody.

This time of year, many families take the opportunity to take a quick vacation and unwind for a few days. One mother decided to take her children to an Arizona resort for a few days of relaxation. Unfortunately, she had a bit too much to drink, and the vacation quickly turned into trouble.

Resort employees stated that the woman was too intoxicated to be able to watch her children by the pool. The children did not even have clothes on, despite the efforts of the resort staff to help the mother control the situation. After she was found passed out and entirely unaware of her children, authorities were contacted. She then lost custody of her children to the state.

Sometimes, a close friend or family member may become seriously concerned for a child. In some cases, a person may wonder how to take legal action to change child custody when circumstances warrant. In such situations, an experienced family law attorney may be of assistance. In other circumstances, a parent may be facing accusations of child neglect or abuse and need help responding to any legal proceedings that may impact child custody and/or parental rights. A lawyer can help a client to respond to any charges and take the necessary steps designed to lawfully preserve parenting rights.