The Return of 12 Pairs of Socks

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Often times in a co-parenting situation it is the little things that make all the difference.

Recently we helped our client work to express her frustration with the seemingly never-ending cycle of clothes sent to the other parent’s house not being returned.

While it may seem petty to some, keeping a child clothed in seasonally and size-appropriate clothing is no small or inexpensive task for two parents, much less one.

“Thank you so much for the help in communicating my frustrations with the lack of clothes being returned. You gave me good advice, helped me express my concerns calmly, and for the first time in months I feel like we finally made some progress, tonight we had 12 pair of socks returned.”

Co-Parenting after a divorce or paternity action is wrought with difficult situations and hurdles. While most of us strive to put differences of opinions and parenting styles aside, if for no other reason than our kids, even the best of intentions can be lost in the day-to-day interactions.

Simple gestures like ensuring clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, textbooks, phone chargers, or homework, are returned, turned in, or completed, can make all the difference when real issues arise.

We have seen clients agree to settle significant child support arrearages, holiday schedules, and relocation issues, all on the basis of good co-parenting relationships built on returning socks, washing clothes, making nightly phone calls, or sharing homework duties.

At RPM Law we strive to help our clients find amicable and fair outcomes, that respect both parties, and focus on the children’s needs, not old wounds and venom between adults.

While it may seem unlikely at first, with a little patience, grace, understanding, and humility, even the most contentious issues can be resolved with willing parties.

We are not afraid to advocate for our clients, and if need be, litigate issues that can’t be otherwise resolved. However a judge we greatly respect once told parties in a case, “It is far easier to swallow a pill you helped create, especially when compared to swallowing a pill that a stranger in a black robe, who doesn’t know you or your kids, shoved down your throat.”

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