Family law and adoption

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Family is at the heart of what many Arizona residents consider to be most important. Some families consist of a mom, dad, brother, and sister; other families may only have one parent, more siblings, or no siblings. Then, there are those who long to have a family. Unfortunately, many of those longings for a family are children who are a part of the family law and foster care system or couples unable to have children of their own. In both of these cases, adoption can be life-changing.

When a child becomes a part of the foster care system, the ultimate goal is to reunite the family. These children range in age from newborns to teenagers. They are often placed with a foster family who will care for them and make sure that their needs are met while they are a part of the system. During this process, the legal system often attempts to work with biological families to resolve the problems that caused the children to be placed in the foster system. However, reunification is not always possible, and many of these children will eventually need to be adopted by loving families.

In other cases, the birth parents know that they are unable to take care of a baby. When this happens, they will often investigate available options. There are numerous couples who are longing for a child of their own; however, they have not been able to have one. Adoption can be a benefit to all involved.

The decision to adopt is a very personal one. Yet, for many children in Arizona, adoption has afforded them the opportunity to have a loving family. Couples considering adoption will want to work with an experienced family law attorney to navigate the process.