A mediated divorce can benefit the entire family

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Divorce is thought to be on the decline in Arizona and the rest of the country. There is something fairly new in the divorce landscape that is catching on especially when there are children involved. Mediated divorce is thought to be a less contentious approach and can be particularly helpful in setting up joint parenting arrangements.

Mediation is a process whereby a couple meets with a third party, an impartial mediator, who helps the couple reach an agreement on their various issues. Mediation allows the parties to explore options, goals, and concerns regarding shared parenting following a divorce. For mediation to be effective, both parties have to be willing to communicate and negotiate in good faith.

Some advantages to mediation include cost-effectiveness and a shorter process.  Also, the couple is negotiating with each other, making their own decisions, and not relying on the court to do so for them. The outcome can also result in a better situation for children if parents can agree on how they will co-parent moving forward. If there is an issue of domestic violence or abuse or both parties are not willing to sit down with a mediator, then it would not be a recommended avenue to pursue.

Divorce is not easy. Sometimes people grow apart and feel the best way forward is to go their separate ways. When a mutual agreement is reached that a marriage should end, a mediated settlement may be a viable option. A couple in Arizona who are contemplating a divorce, after independently consulting with an attorney, may benefit from exploring the option of mediation. The lawyer for each party can review the family situation and advise each client on all the options that are available.