Divorce and the holiday season

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The holiday season is upon us. While many Arizona families are looking forward to spending quality family time and enjoying each other’s company, others are dreading the thought of getting through this season in the midst of a divorce. For these families, the holidays have forever changed, and they are now faced with creating new paths and traditions.

Many individuals feel a tremendous amount of stress during the holiday season. They want to keep everything “normal” for the children, yet for these families normal is now different. Perhaps the easiest way to address this situation is to make a plan. Parents will want to decide how holiday celebrations will be handled, where the children will spend particular significant days, and other such important family considerations. Planning ahead will minimize the stress and uncertainty of this transition period and holiday season.

Once the plan has been identified, parents will want to communicate this with the children. Most children know the traditions surrounding particular holidays and events. By preparing them for these changes, the parents will help to minimize the stress and confusion that the children feel. Additionally, parents will want to allow the children to enjoy these new traditions without too many questions regarding their time spent with the other parent and family.

Divorce can be stressful in any season. However, for many Arizona families, the holiday season tends to add to this. With careful planning and communication, new traditions can begin and the family can move forward learning new ways to celebrate and spend time together.