Child support and divorce

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When an Arizona couple decides that it is time to end their marriage, there are a number of financial issues that need to be taken into consideration. Child support is often a concern when the couple decides to divorce. How much the individual will receive or will owe can affect a number of other decisions that the individual will need to make.

On the surface, child support appears to be a fairly easy number to calculate — each individual is responsible for a set percentage. Each parent’s income is stated, and the calculation can be made. Yet, there is a multitude of items that are taken into consideration in calculating this figure.

A parent’s income must first be determined. This income figure is looked at as a monthly number and takes into account wages, tips, commissions, and even bonuses. Benefit payments, investment, and even prize winnings are also included. In some cases, a parent will work overtime or take on a second job to help with expenses. In most instances, the court does not look at this extra income in calculating child support.

Finally, there are instances where a parent is not working. Additionally, it is possible that a parent is working below what is considered to be his or her full earning capacity. When either of these is the case, the court looks at each individual circumstance to determine how it should affect the child support payment.

Divorce is a fact of life for many Arizona couples. However, even though the adults have decided to end their relationship, each individual still has a responsibility to take care of his or her children. Child support is just one way in which this is accomplished.