Military divorce: your rights and how to navigate the process

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Divorce can be a tough thing to go through in Arizona. Many couples will go into the process not knowing exactly how to navigate each part as it presents itself. This is especially true for those within the military. Issues, such as benefits, can be a daunting thing to take on as it’s rarely talked about. The following includes a list of items to keep in mind when you’re going through a divorce with someone in the military.

Legal assistance

One of the perks of a military divorce is that you may be able to receive legal assistance throughout the process. Some of the services provided to you by the military may include notary services, mediation and legal tax advice, to name a few.

Divorce and military benefits

It should be noted that you may continue to use your identification card until the divorce has been finalized. However, what happens after the divorce has been finalized? Let’s begin with your housing situation. Your installation housing is lost when the military ex-spouse has officially moved out. In terms of health care, you may also lose your TRICARE benefits but will be offered a 36-month extension on your health care through the Department of Defense Continued Health Care Benefit program.

Divorcing overseas

If you are planning to go through a divorce while overseas, then it is important to file your papers with the U.S. court system as the U.S may not recognize the dissolution of your marriage if you go through a foreign court. You must also ensure that you’re filing for divorce within the home state of the military member.

Divorce a military member can be a very different experience than that of a civilian. Although military members do receive legal assistance, you may want to seek your own attorney who may be more experienced with military divorces and, thus, may produce better results.