Fighting back against a threat to your parental rights

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When Arizona parents divorce, they are naturally concerned with how this choice will impact their children. You want nothing more than to shield your kids from undue harm and protect the relationship you have with them, but the other parent may make it hard for you to do this. If the other parent is uncooperative, hostile or unreasonable regarding custody arrangements, you have the right to fight back.

Even after a divorce is final, the hostility and hard feelings between parents may not go away. In fact, this hostility may carry over to how the other parent deals with your child, ultimately affecting your parental rights. This is parenting time interference. If you are experiencing this, there are options for legal recourse available to you.

Direct ways to interfere

Sometimes, a parent’s efforts to interfere with the other parent are blatant. This is direct interference, and he or she is hoping to undermine your rights and influence the relationship you have with your child by doing the following:

  • Refusing to drop off the child as directed by the visitation schedule
  • Taking the child without your permission
  • Moving the child far away without permission or in violation of the court order
  • Canceling your custody times or visitation days without reason

Parenting time interference is not always blatant. Sometimes, the other parent may use more furtive methods to influence how your child thinks about you and other aspects of your role as an active and loving parent. He or she may do this in the following ways:

  • Refusing to allow your child to speak to you over the phone
  • Failing to tell you about school events, sports games and other important events in the life of the child
  • Talking badly about you or asking your child to report back with details about your life

If you notice any of the above things happening, you can take action. You can fight back against any form of interference and protect the important part you play in the life of your child.

Recourse available to you 

It may be necessary to seek legal recourse in order to resolve the issues you are experiencing as a result of parenting time interference. You may petition a court to provide you with make-up parenting time, require the other parent to attend counseling, or, in extreme cases, modify an existing custody and visitation order. You may find it beneficial to seek a complete explanation of the legal options available to you.