What should you know about military divorces?

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If you’re getting a military divorce in Arizona, it’s important to know how to properly file for divorce. You’ll need to live in the state where you file for at least six months. It can also be a complicated process if you share children together.

Those who serve active duty may be worried about losing child custody, but they still have rights. However, active-duty service can impact how child custody is arranged and if a parenting plan is established. It’s also important to note that VA disability benefits are not divided when the assets are split between spouses, but they can be considered when establishing support payments.

Common mistakes to avoid with a military divorce

There are a few common mistakes to avoid when getting a military divorce. For starters, be sure to carefully calculate your income to avoid inaccuracies. You’ll also want to avoid telling the military about a service member’s indiscretions, which can destroy their military career.

In addition, you want to avoid the mistake of failing to address travel concerns if you plan to have child custody. When creating a travel plan, it may be wise to have a family law attorney by your side to avoid any mistakes or miscommunication issues.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re preparing to get divorced and are in the military or your spouse is in the military, you may want to contact a divorce attorney with experience in military divorces. The attorney can inform you of your rights and work hard to help the outcome work in your favor. An attorney can also offer mediation services to help you settle out of court and negotiate the division of your assets or child custody with your ex. Moreover, a legal professional can handle similar matters related to spousal support.