Military divorce and depression

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Arizona families might have a family member or friend who has served honorably in the military. Some of the brave men and women who have volunteered to lay their lives on the line to protect the United States have actually been called upon to do so. Many of these people, though fortunate enough to survive, can face lasting injury and emotional trauma, and in cases of military divorce, a veteran may suffer more than a civilian counterpart. 

One veteran has come forward to share his story about how returning home after a combat tour was nearly as difficult as being injured in war. The man found himself in the pits of despair after losing his legs in a battle in which he also witnessed the deaths of comrades. Upon his return home, he found himself a struggling amputee, going through a divorce. 

At first, he was not sure how to handle the physical and emotional pain, and he admits to leaning heavily on alcohol and prescription medications. One day, a friend suggested he try yoga, and though he scoffed at first, yoga proved to be a life-changing, healing resource he could lean on to help him through the troubles in his personal life. He is now an advocate for the Wounded Warrior Project, helping veterans in similar situations in their quest for inner peace despite personal turmoil. 

Each divorce is different, but certainly, any Arizona person going through a divorce may feel that he or she could use a little help. In many cases, a knowledgeable attorney can help. An attorney can assist a client as he or she battles his or her way through the legal process, and stand by a client until an order of divorce becomes final. A client can truly begin a new life full of positive and uplifting experiences.