Family house may be source of contention in divorce

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Experiencing a marital breakup in Arizona can no doubt be emotionally challenging. However, it can also be financially difficult when a marital home is involved, as the two individuals getting divorced might not be in agreement with how to handle it. Here are two options for tackling the family’s home when going through a divorce.

First, one of the two spouses might decide to stay in the home while the other one purchases a new one. In this scenario, the person who chooses to stay put can simply buy out his or her future ex. The second and most commonly chosen option is for the two parties to put the home on the market. Then, when the house is sold, they can share the profit.

In the event that two divorcing spouses choose the second option, it would behoove them to choose a realtor who is experienced in selling homes involved in divorce situations. This is because it would be helpful for the chosen agent to feel comfortable with dealing with two parties who may be in conflict with each other. Ideally, the agent should remain neutral, giving both individuals sound advice based on their individual needs and wishes.

Considering that a marital breakup can be challenging to navigate when real estate is involved, the best situation is for the two spouses to agree on how to divide their shared real estate as well as their other property. They can do this through informal negotiations, for example, which can be a lot less stressful and costly than traditional divorce litigation. A divorce attorney can help a person who is going through a divorce to complete the negotiation process with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and fair settlement in Arizona.