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An Accident Is Only The Beginning Of Your Troubles

They call them accidents because they aren’t planned. In fact, traffic accidents or other injuries often happen in the middle of our plans — when we’re on our way to work, coming home from the store or enjoying the evening with friends. An accident disrupts life for the foreseeable future. When it happens as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may feel especially frustrated.

Whether the other driver was distracted, impaired or simply negligent, you have the right to seek legal counsel to determine the most appropriate options for you. While your medical bills pile up and you miss work because of your injuries, one of your primary thoughts may be seeking compensation. This is one of the ways in which our lawyers have assisted many car accident victims in the Tucson area. We also help people who have been injured by dog bites or other negligent actions, including slips and falls on poorly maintained property.

How An Attorney Can Help You

Of course, the first thing you should do after any kind of accident is to seek medical attention. This will be essential to your recovery and important to your efforts at seeking restitution for your injuries. We can assist you in a variety of ways while you focus on getting well. For example, we can:

  • Review the evidence that another person was at fault for your injury
  • Assist you in navigating the pure comparative negligence rules, which reduce the amount of compensation you can receive based on the percentage of fault investigators attribute to you
  • Negotiate for the maximum damages for your circumstances, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages
  • Haggle with insurance companies for a fair settlement

The insurance companies will want to settle quickly, often for much less than you deserve for your injuries. At RPM Law, our goal is to obtain the best possible results for you.

Contact Us For Guidance After Your Accident

Arizona law has a statute of limitations for legal claims involving car accidents, so contacting RPM Law soon after your accident is the best way to avoid missing the opportunity to pursue the compensation you deserve. We are ready to advocate for you while you focus on getting well. You can contact our offices at 520-740-1802 or online for an evaluation of your personal injury case.