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Facing DUI Charges In Arizona?

Not many people walk to work these days. In fact, the average daily commute in Arizona is nearly 30 minutes. Imagine how you would get to work without a driver’s license. If your job includes driving — for example sales, trucking, delivery, taxi driving or construction — you know how important your license is to your livelihood.

This is what is at stake if you are convicted of drunk driving charges (DUI or DWI). In fact, if your blood alcohol concentration or drug content is .08 or higher, officers will confiscate your driver’s license right away. If you have a CDL, the legal limit is .04. Arizona is among the strictest states for DUI penalties. Even a first conviction carries harsh penalties, including the following:

  • Mandatory jail time
  • $1,250 or more in fines
  • Alcohol screening or treatment program
  • Community service
  • Ignition interlock

The consequences increase in severity with subsequent offenses or aggravating circumstances. You certainly wouldn’t want to take the chance of facing these charges alone when there is so much on line. We are ready to challenge the results of your BAC test and build an effective DUI defense strategy for you.

Military Penalties

A DUI conviction for military personnel can seriously damage your career. Along with civilian penalties, you may suffer administrative consequences, including loss of rank and reprimands that may prevent you from receiving promotions. The loss of your driver’s license or a court mandated ignition interlock will likely hinder you from performing your military duties.

Having legal assistance from an attorney who appreciates the importance of avoiding a conviction on your record. At RPM Law, we have that experience, and we will work to protect you from the negative consequences of a DUI. Our reputation for successfully representing those charged with DUI demonstrates our determination to work for positive results.

Using Our Experience To Your Advantage

If your future is hanging in the balance because of a DUI charge, call our offices in Tucson at 520-740-1802 or contact us online for a free initial consultation with a lawyer. At RPM Law, you can be assured of working with attorneys who value integrity and justice above all.