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The Broad Interpretation Of Domestic Violence

While you may not think of yourself as a violent person, you may be surprised at how easily a simple argument between two family members can become a domestic abuse charge.

Arizona laws protecting individuals from violence in their homes are rightly tough and err on the side of the alleged victim. However, sometimes people get caught in the crossfire, especially during highly contentious divorces. Without even touching another person, let alone causing injury, you may find yourself in handcuffs in the back of a police car. Whether you did or didn’t hit a family member, the question remains: What about your future? Our lawyers can help.

Facts About Domestic Violence

People often don’t realize that many actions that are not injury-causing can result in a domestic violence charge if family members are involved . An argument with your spouse in front of your neighbors’ house or a family conflict that escalates to a broken lamp may end in charges of domestic abuse even if you never lift your hand.

Even in cases of self-defense, you may be the one police assume is the abuser. RPM Law understands the dilemma you’re in, and we have considerable experience successfully defending those facing such charges.

There’s No Turning Back

Once law enforcement has charged you with domestic assault or abuse in Arizona, the charges cannot be dropped, even if your family member insists on not pressing charges. A domestic violence charge may be a felony or a misdemeanor, but a conviction carries significant consequences even if you serve no jail time. If this is not your first conviction for domestic abuse, you may face more serious penalties.

Among the most devastating consequences a domestic abuse conviction may bring is the damage it can do to your career and future opportunities. This mark on your record may close doors for you for the rest of your life, including ending your military career.

Don’t Face This Alone

Because of the potential damage domestic violence charges can do, you want experienced and aggressive counsel by your side from the earliest possible moment. Contact RPM Law at 520-740-1802 to make an appointment for an initial consultation with a domestic violence defense attorney at our Tucson office.