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Earmarkers for child custody in Arizona

The phrase, best interests of the child, shows up repeatedly when couples with children decide to divorce. Child custody in Arizona hinges on a number of factors, but primarily on what is best for the children. A family court judge will make that decision taking that into consideration -- along with other things -- if the parents can't iron out custody issues on their own.

Types of child custody available to Arizona parents

Who gets the house, how will accounts be divided and who will be responsible for which bills are often important considerations in an Arizona divorce. However, when children are involved, more than just financial aspects must be considered. Child custody decisions are perhaps some of the most important decisions, and sometimes the most difficult ones, that will need to be made.

Making child custody easier when choosing to co-parent

Arizona parents who divorce may choose to work together and co-parent their children. This arrangement is often beneficial for the children because it allows them to maintain strong relationships with both parents and be with both of them for substantial amounts of time. Even when agreeing to work together, co-parenting can be a complicated and difficult child custody arrangement.

Frozen embryos spark child custody dispute

Recently, Arizona residents may have seen news headlines regarding a situation faced by former spouses. In the event of a divorce, child custody can be a contentious matter. Not all custody situations can be resolved quickly, and in certain cases, the law may not even provide an immediately clear answer. 

Child custody: How will it be determined?

When children are involved, the decision to divorce can become even more complicated. The responsible Arizona parent wants what is best for the children; however, the individual parents may not agree on the specific details here. One important detail that must be taken into consideration during the divorce process is how child custody will be handled.

Child custody results are changing

Arizona recently received some positive publicity, and residents will be pleased to know the news may make family situations easier. Going to court to dispute child custody can be a trying experience for all involved, but the state has recently taken measures to improve the process. Over a third of U.S. states did not fare well in the research that determined the results, but Arizona ranked near the top. 

Single parents and child custody

Being a parent is a difficult job, and single parents may struggle more than parents who have the help of a spouse, domestic partner or other family members around to help. For a single parent, maintaining employment may be a necessity to provide for one's children. Unfortunately, choosing work over the safety of a child can result in loss of child custody

Grandparents encouraged to plan ahead for child custody

Arizona families come in all shapes and sizes. Nationally, it is becoming more common for grandparents to file for child custody. There is a wide variety of reasons a grandparent may want to take such action on behalf of a grandchild, but if the biological parents are not up to the task, a grandparent might just save the day. 

Parenting plan as a part of the child custody agreement

The decision to divorce can be difficult to make; this is especially true when children are involved. The concerned Arizona parent wants to ensure that the children are properly taken care of financially and emotionally. How the divorce will affect the children is often a primary consideration in the overall decision to divorce and the child custody arrangements that will follow.

Successfully navigating child custody through co-parenting

The end of a marriage will bring significant changes to a person's life, including to changes to the relationship with his or her children. Arizona parents are naturally concerned with how their divorce will impact their kids, and one way to minimize the negative impact is to work for a smart and beneficial child custody plan. For many families, this means co-parenting.

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