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The drawbacks of 50/50 child custody

| May 14, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody |

One very tough part of going through a divorce in the state of Arizona is having to deal with the custody of your children. Being able to agree on a child custody arrangement with your spouse can be difficult, to say the least. While many parents may advocate for a 50/50 child custody arrangement, this may not always be the best option.

A closer look at 50/50 child custody

50/50 child custody simply means that the child spends half of their time with each parent. Most courts use the number of nights that a child stays with each parent to calculate the percentage of custody. In a 50/50 child custody arrangement, a child will be spending 182 to 183 nights with each parent. While a 50/50 child custody arrangement may look ideal, to begin with, it can be more difficult when you actually try to apply it to your real life.

The problems with 50/50 child custody

One of the biggest drawbacks to 50/50 child custody is trying to deal with logistics when parents don’t live close to one another. The easiest way to do 50/50 child custody is to have one parent pick up the child from school and keep the child for a set number of days. Then, the next parent will pick the child up from school and keep them for the same number of days. Unfortunately, when parents don’t live next to one another or the school that their child attends, this can mean long trips in the afternoon for the child.

While 50/50 child custody is a commonly sought-after custody arrangement, it’s not one of the most beneficial in certain cases. In the event that you and your spouse don’t live close to one another or close to their school, it can be hard to logistically plan out a 50/50 child custody arrangement. In these events, it’s best to have one parent have a higher percentage of custody to help keep the child in a regular routine where they’re not stuck in the car in the afternoon.