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Family law: AZ Court of Appeals rules in frozen embryo case

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently ruled in a case regarding whether a divorced woman has the right to become pregnant using frozen embryos without the consent of her ex-husband. In what has become a contentious family law topic, this case actually helped spur changes to the state's laws regarding how viable embryos will be handled in the event of divorce. Motivated by this case, the state passed legislation last year to award embryos to the parent who wishes to have children, while rescinding the parental rights of the other party who does not wish to have children. However, the law does not apply to this particular situation because the law did not exist when the couple first took the matter to court several years ago.

Fighting back against a threat to your parental rights

When Arizona parents divorce, they are naturally concerned with how this choice will impact their children. You want nothing more than to shield your kids from undue harm and protect the relationship you have with them, but the other parent may make it hard for you to do this. If the other parent is uncooperative, hostile or unreasonable regarding custody arrangements, you have the right to fight back.

Family house may be source of contention in divorce

Experiencing a marital breakup in Arizona can no doubt be emotionally challenging. However, it can also be financially difficult when a marital home is involved, as the two individuals getting divorced might not be in agreement with how to handle it. Here are two options for tackling the family's home when going through divorce.

Your debt, your divorce and your financial future

Divorce will bring many financial changes to a person's life, and the implications of ending a marriage could affect you for years to come. If you are considering moving forward with this step, it is prudent to know what to expect and how to protect your interests. When you are prepared, you will be able to minimize complications and mitigate some of the financial stress associated with divorce.

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