Finding A Better Way For Children Facing Charges

Family law often involves unpleasant situations. Some family circumstances place children in danger, and parents may need to relinquish their rights, at least temporarily, while they work to reach a healthier place in life or to improve their parenting skills. In a family where abuse or neglect is suspected, the stakes are high, and the consequences can be significant.

Some issues can escalate quickly, and once the Arizona Department of Child Safety becomes involved, you may feel as if you have lost control of the situation. At RPM Law, our attorneys have dealt extensively with DCS and Arizona family courts. We know what to expect during the investigation and the legal process when a parent faces accusations of mistreating a child, and we will work to defend you against false allegations of abuse or neglect.

Seeking Help For A Child

If you are aware that a child you love is in a desperate situation, you may not want to be the one who sits back and waits for tragedy to strike. However, what are your options? Do you have any right to intervene? Where do you even begin to make a difference?

We can guide you through the steps of seeking the guardianship of a child who is significant in your life. Whether there is substance abuse in the home or the child is the victim of physical violence, you certainly want what is in the child's best interests. You may be eligible to seek guardianship of the child to provide a safe, nurturing environment until the situation can be resolved.

Reach Out Before It's Too Late

When legal issues involve the well-being of children, the courts act quickly. Without appropriate legal counsel, your rights may be at risk. For the best chances of a more positive and successful resolution to your family and juvenile law issues, contact our Tucson law firm at 520-740-1802 for a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.