Marriage Is Your Right, Too

If you waited a lifetime for your privilege to marry the person you love most, you likely joined in the celebration across the country when the U.S. Supreme Court repealed the Defense of Marriage Act, granting same-sex partners across the country the right to marry. You may now wonder how far those rights extend. Knowing and understanding your rights in a same-sex marriage will enable you to ensure those liberties are protected as you start and raise your family.

At RPM Law, our lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of LGBT family law. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy the full benefits of your relationship as a legally married couple in Arizona.

Not only do you have the same right to marry as an opposite-sex couple, but you can exercise all the privileges included in marriage. This means you may own property jointly, enjoy certain tax benefits and rely on your spouse's health insurance. You may also take advantage of federal laws permitting time off if your spouse becomes ill.

Are Children In Your Future?

Perhaps the most precious right you and your spouse can now enjoy is the privilege of sharing equally the rights and responsibilities of having a child. In Arizona, you and your spouse may legally adopt children.

Additionally, if your spouse gives birth to a child, you have the same parental rights as a married couple. This means that the law assumes you are the child's parent even though you are not biologically related. RPM Law is here to support you in defending these rights, no matter what your future brings.

All the rights of an opposite-sex married couple extend to same-sex couples in the military as well. If your spouse is in the military, you should receive an ID card, health care benefits and access to the commissary and PX just like any spouse.

Silent No Longer

Of course, rights on paper are not the same as rights upheld. If your benefits as a married couple are denied, you do not have to sit back and take it. Haven't you waited long enough for fair and equal treatment? Reach out to us online or at 520-740-1802 so we can advocate for you in any way necessary to ensure you and your family receive your just due under the law. We offer free consultations with an attorney at our convenient Tucson offices.