How Is Child Support Determined In Arizona?

A common misunderstanding in divorce is that child support levels are decided by a simple formula, so there is little to discuss.

It's true that Arizona family courts follow federal guidelines, the income shares model, to establish the amount of child support to be paid. These guidelines seek to understand how much the parents would have spent on the child, had they not divorced. When that figure is established, the court can calculate each parent's proper share.

These are some of the factors weighed in this calculation:

  • Each parent's monthly income
  • The number of children in the marriage
  • The number of children outside the marriage
  • Child care costs
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • Days of agreed-upon parenting time
  • Private school costs
  • Additional educational expenses such as hiring a tutor
  • Special needs expenses

What should be apparent is that these are complex numbers. You want to input numbers that support your objectives, and that's where an experienced child support attorney can make a big difference — a difference of many thousands of dollars.

We Assist With Child Support Modifications

At RPM Law, our attorneys have the analytical skills to address special issues you must deal with. We can assist with filing to determine child support, with modifications and changes to child support orders, with enforcement of child support orders, and with terminating child support in the event the child is emancipated.

Our firm serves husbands and wives, civilians and military personnel, and same-sex couples seeking divorce. Regardless of your family structure, you can count on our lawyers to give you the facts and the guidance you need.

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