"I would recommend RPM Law, without hesitation. Matthew has experienced his work first hand. His unwavering care and dedication to his projects is inspiring. Not only is he extremely smart, but he is talented in the areas of project management and problem solving. He would be a great addition to any team." - JP 2009

"I consider Matt a trusted colleague. Matt's temperament, character and judgment are very strong -- and his personality and positive energy are contagious. I have worked with Matt in a number of situations, all in which his professionalism has added dimensions to the team and project. Due to his strong work ethic and moral clarity, I would enthusiastically recommend Matt for any work -- big or small." - BJH 2015

"Matt has been a help and friend in a time of chaos and strife. Matt has helped me in some legal matters and has been more then open, helpful/ and honest in the way to progress the case and all avenues of out come we could receive. While we have been on this journey Matt has always answered a phone call or email and never seemed irritated or put off and has shown me his willingness to go to the ends of the earth to make sure we have the best info to make the best decisions possible. If you are looking for a bulldog to take in to a court room look no further" - JM 2015

"When an unexpected storm hits, you are not only looking for a life raft to float you to safety, a beacon to guide your steps, a foghorn to alarm you about the potential cliffs, but also an expert shipbuilder to ensure your confidence in sailing again. That is Matt. You are truly blessed if Matt Randle accepts your case. If he isn't already, he will become a subject matter expert in the law that surrounds your unique circumstances. He seemingly does not rest and eats up the legalese that could drown your situation. He translates the law and provides insight into all possible outcomes.

I never want to need a lawyer again. But if I do, I will be calling Matt Randle, PLLC." - MM 2015