Legal Issues Military Families Must Face

Military families live in a different world, legally, than families not in the service. When family matters boil over in military families, you will want to work with a lawyer with experience in the ways the military works, and how that affects divorce, child support, child custody and division of property.

At RPM Law, we work every day with service members and their spouses to resolve disagreements that arise between them. We represent those presently serving their country, but we also represent spouses and veterans who must still deal with military issues long after leaving the service.

Military Divorce. Our lawyers guide both service members and their spouses through divorce or dissolution, including thorny issues involving division of retirement moneys, military benefits, and the special challenges facing members of the military and their families.

Military Property Division. Family courts must determine how long the couple has been married and how much of that time one of them was in the military. Another issue is assessing unvested military retirement benefits in the light of Arizona case law.

Military Child Support. Being a responsible parent can become a serious issue while deployed abroad. Our firm works with service members and spouses to make support payments easier to pay and easier to collect.

Military Child Custody. Known as parenting time to Arizonans, this responsibility is still called child custody in the armed forces. Matthew Randle and Meshel work with military families and spouses to craft custody agreements that make sense, and to obtain custody orders when disputes arise.

Military Child Visitation. Arriving at visitation agreements when one parent is called overseas is a problem that requires thoughtful deliberation. We also assist with grandparents' rights to have access to their grandchildren, and the serious problem of protecting the child when abuse or neglect has occurred, or been alleged.

Domestic Violence in military homes. This is a two-pronged matter, involving aspects of both family law and criminal defense.

Jurisdictional Issues. If you or your spouse have been frequently reassigned, it may not be clear which state to file for divorce in. This is important because jurisdiction will affect the resulting decree. We can help you file divorce and other paperwork in the state that makes the most sense for you.

These are just some of the legal problems military families must deal with. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options under military family law. Call us for a no-charge, no-obligation conversation about your case: RPM Law, in Tucson, Arizona, at 520-433-4884. Or email our attorney any questions you may have.