Are You Contemplating Divorce?

Is your marriage ending? Do you want it to conclude legally in ways that dignify your relationship and minimize the negative impact of divorce on your children?

Matthew Randle of RPM Law, excels at representing clients in uncontested, contested and high-asset divorces, and in military divorces.

From the Arizona conciliation court stage to completion of a divorce, you can expect attentive, aggressive advocacy, in and out of court, when your marriage ends.

Matthew gives you the facts you need regarding income-based state guidelines for child support, factors courts examine in determining alimony, and custody and visitation arrangements that both sides can live with.

Is your voice being overlooked in discussions of division of assets, property and debts? Do you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets in someone else's name, or in accounts overseas? Matthew Randle can help.

Arizona Divorce Attorney Serving Individuals, Couples And Families In Tucson

Even after your divorce, our skilled Tucson family law firm can be of service - especially if a former spouse is attempting a relocation out of state, or refusing to live up to his or her responsibilities as spelled out in your settlement agreement. We handle your modification and enforcement legal needs effectively and efficiently every time.

For any legal issue pertaining to civilian or military divorce, contact RPM Law. Your initial consultation with our experienced family lawyer is free. Call us today at 520-433-4884 or send an email message.