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Family Law is one of the toughest and most emotional areas of the law. Your kids, your home, your savings — everything is on the line. When you wade into these waters, you want a lawyer who has your back.


The attorneys at RPM Law are the kind of lawyers you want to have with you. We know the law, we're not afraid to confront the other side and make demands. As a combat medic and a helicopter pilot in time of war, we have soldier's hearts. We will not let you down.

We brings our love of country and thirst for justice to safeguarding your interests for any family law or criminal defense issue. Whether your family is civilian or military, high-asset or modest-asset, our loyalty to you and your needs is the same — assertive and effective.

'Where Have I Seen That Guy?'

Matthew Randle is often sought out by the media for his expertise, most often on veterans' issues. He is seen as an articulate straight shooter, super-committed to the concerns of service members and veterans.

You may have caught him on CNN's Lou Dobbs Show, NBC Nightly News, Dateline, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, and various local newspapers and news shows.

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"I never want to need a lawyer again. But if I do, I will be calling RPM Law." — MM 2015

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